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Principle and Application of Ring Wave Generator

Ring wave generator is a commonly used electronic test device, which can generate , can be used for engineering and scientific research, experiments, testing, calibration and debugging. It is widely used in engineering and research experiments and can meet various frequency and time domain requirements. P12Textile Testing Instruments, Testing Equipment Manufacturer

1. What is a ring wave generator?P12Textile Testing Instruments, Testing Equipment Manufacturer
A ring wave generator is often used to generate electrical signals with specific frequencies and waveforms. Its circuit is mainly composed of oscillators, amplifiers, and filters. The oscillator provides the frequency source, the amplifier amplifies the signal, and the filter is used to select the desired waveform and finally output it to an external circuit or device. Ring wave generator, also known as a ring wave simulator, is an instrument for testing transient phenomena generated when power and control switches are switched (or caused by lightning strikes). Ring wave interference is generated on power lines, control lines, and signal lines. For this purpose, a common criterion is established for the evaluation of the immunity performance of household, commercial, and industrial electrical and electronic equipment. P12Textile Testing Instruments, Testing Equipment Manufacturer

Ring wave generator RWG61000 12 AL6P12Textile Testing Instruments, Testing Equipment Manufacturer

P12Textile Testing Instruments, Testing Equipment Manufacturer

2. Features of ring wave generator< br /> The ring wave generator is an experimental instrument widely used in the fields of electronic engineering, communication, computer hardware testing, and medicine. It has the characteristics of accurate and stable signals, various waveforms, and easy operation. The use of high-quality components can effectively suppress signal drift and frequency instability. The modern ring wave generator also has an intuitive interface and digital control, and can easily set and adjust parameters. Therefore, the Ring Wave Generator shows its value and importance in many aspects. P12Textile Testing Instruments, Testing Equipment Manufacturer

The ring wave generator is a general-purpose electromagnetic field ringing analog waveform generator, with related parameters such as frequency range, output amplitude, distortion, bandwidth and stability, used to simulate ringers The ringing waveform is often used in measurement and even in the debugging of electrical equipment. The frequency range is usually expressed in Hertz (Hz), while the output amplitude indicates the maximum value of the signal generated by the generator; the degree of distortion is expressed by the degree of difference between the output signal of the ring wave generator and the theoretical signal;Width refers to the frequency range covered by the generator's output signal; stability shows the frequency stability of the generator signal, usually expressed as one millionth or one millionth. Ring wave generators play an important role in the debugging of measurement sensors and electronics. P12Textile Testing Instruments, Testing Equipment Manufacturer

Lisun's RWG61000-12 tester realizes the function of non-repetitive damped oscillation transient interference simulation measurement. The tester complies with IEC61000-4-12, EN61000-4-12, IOS-17626.12 and ANSI-C62-41 standard requirements. The RWG61000-12 tester is equipped with an LCD liquid crystal display, and the test program in Chinese and English is configured in the screen, which is used to simulate and measure non-repetitive damped oscillation transients in low-voltage wires, control lines and signal lines in public and non-public network environments. The impact of state interference on power electronics and low-voltage electrical equipment. P12Textile Testing Instruments, Testing Equipment Manufacturer