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YG155A wire twist knife

Application:This instrument is used to measure the twist of various yarns. Construction principle:The instrument consists of a control box ( LCD screen), tension mechanism, Plug-in Creel and data processing system and other components. The extended pointer part of the instrument is equipped with a reliable Hall sensor zero position automatic stop device, the mechanical transmission structure is compact, the straight chuck is directly driven by the motor and the tension load device international advanced horizontal is adopted. It can be input directly, and has the function of saving data after power failure, especially when using the main method, sub method and triple method, after pinching the wire, you only need to press once onthe test button press , and the test can end automatically. The instrument uses the self-made computer in the machine, which continuously acquires the input signal, and under the management of the method program, performs the corresponding test, and stores, analyzes, calculates and counts the collected data, then prints them through the printer and displays the output, realizes the half-automation of the instrument. Applicable standard:ISO2061 Determination of textile yarn twist - counting method direct, FJ547 Test of natural color air-spun cotton yarn, FZ/T10001 Determination of air-twisted yarn - untwist and twist method < span style=font-size:16px;>Features: Suitable for detecting continuous of different yarn twists, this machine is easy to operate andreliable data. This machine uses a horizontal tensioning method that allows the tension applied to the different wires to be tested to be changed quickly and easily. This machine not only improves the reliable yarn twist data for the textile industry, but also provides the final research and decision data for domestic colleges and universities, technical supervision bureaus and other scientific research units. Products are of excellent quality, reasonable prices, good service has won the recognition of the majority of users. Key technical indicators: 1. Test area: different wires. Yarn Tension: There are a number of weights that can be adjusted depending on the type of yarn. 2. Backrest head speed: 2000 rpm, 800 rpm, slow jog. 3. test length: 25, 50, 100, 200, 250, 500mm4. Test method: a method of straight count b untwist and twist one time method c untwist and twist twice d twist up and down three times5. TBest data output method: (Number of tests: less than 99 times)a display and output of each Xi torsion value; each batch with an average twist value Xe; The number of tries Nn; appear below the average spinb The number of impressions Ni; error root mean square S;irregularity H;coefficient of variation CV value;torsion coefficient?.(Printer is optional)6.Power supply: 220V± 10%, 50Hz, (host) less than 25W7. Environmental requirements: Humiditee 20±10℃