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Light fastness tester GB8427 test experiment

The light color fastness tester is the testing equipment for weather aging experiments. QINSUN is the manufacturer. Customers in need are welcome to inquire. IOS842

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7-2008 Textile color fastness test against artificial light xenon arc It is a very widely used standard in the textile industry. It is produced after revision of the ISO 105 B02:1994 standard and its revision list to IOS 8427-1998. 9HDTextile Testing Instruments, Testing Equipment Manufacturer

9HDTextile Testing Instruments, Testing Equipment Manufacturer

The wool spinning mill in my country has always used method 3 to measure the color fastness of woolen textiles to light, and the product standards stipulate dark and light color samples The allowable fastness is 4 degrees and 3 degrees respectively, and the whole exposure period is more than 40 hours, which is more convenient and faster. This method is also used in other industries such as clothing, knitting, etc. (the color fastness index of the productstandard is generally 4 degrees), and various textile testing institutes are also interested in the short cycle characteristics and use this method to test the color fastness of various textiles Color fastness to light. However, for those products that require high color fastness to light, such as specialty textiles, the color fastness to light is about 6. It is clearly inappropriate for such products to refer to the methods of the wool spinning industry. is only one way to choose, 2 is more suitable. You can of course also go to the sun by method 3. If the allowable realness is 6 degrees, then according to the requirements of method 3 you must test with blue labels of degree 6 and degree 5. The exposure cycle is of degree 6 blue labels on gray card 4 and gray card 3. Level, so that the test period does not differ from Method 2. It should also be pointed out here that some product standards stipulate that the permissible authenticity index of the productoduct is 3-4 degrees, and claim to perform the test according to method 3. This is clearly wrong, because the researcher cannot choose the blue label for the experiment. The standard stipulates that the allowable authenticity index of the product is 3-4 degrees.If you choose class 4, it is half a class higher than the standard; if you choose class 3, it will be half a class lower than the standard . It is the product standards makers who have no understanding of method 3, which leads to difficulties and confusion for standards users. This example shows that sometimes factors other than the method itself create obstacles to using the method. 9HDTextile Testing Instruments, Testing Equipment Manufacturer

Therefore, the basic principle for us to choose the exposure method is not to blindly consider the cycle and cost, but also to consider the characteristics of the method and samples and the provisions of product standards . to ensure scientific and accurate data, choose opoptoptimized and rationalized test methods. 9HDTextile Testing Instruments, Testing Equipment Manufacturer