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Common abuse of tensile testing machines

Common abuse of tensile testing machines
Tensile testing machine is widely used as a commonly used experimental testing instrument in various industries, and has become an instrument with a very large application base is one machine, there will be various problems or errors. For example, a common problem when using the tensile testing machine is the measurement data is inaccurate or the reading is too large.

How do we deal with this problem when we encounter it?
1. When the tensile testing machine performs the test, the instrument will not initialize and the data will not be reset to zero, resulting in inaccurate test data.
2. Long-term use of the sensor will result in elastic deformation and no return, although this deformation is very large, it is small, but it will still affect the experimental results, so the force sensor coefficient should be recalibrated once a year to correct the data.
3. If the specimen is not properly clamped during the test, the test result will be inaccurate
4. The test speed during the test is not standard, too fast or too slow will lead to different test results.
5. The force sensor will be damaged if subjected to external force or used with excessive capacity.
By using I hope you have a general understanding of such issues and try to avoid such issues in everyday use.