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Dealing with the failure of the displacement rod of the tensile testing machine

How to deal with tensile testing machine displacement rod failurenjhTextile Testing Instruments, Testing Equipment Manufacturer

Some beginners often have various problems when operating the tensile testing machine. Sometimes it may be due to poor contact, and sometimes the electronic components may not be connected properly, etc., this will cause the tensile testing machine to work abnormally.

Maintenance steps of Tensile Tester Displacement:
1. First check the displacement sensor because the tensile tester system is a closed loop system. If you want to know which part has a problem, you have to break the loopthe system to make it an open loop system. In this way, it can be judged whether the sensor signal of the testing machine is normal or not. At this point the feedback signal from the displacement sensor should also be disconnected to make it an open loop. At this time, the workstation emits a signal to control the movement of the actuator and measures the feedback value of the sensor. After several repetitions, the feedback data value of the sensor can form a straight line that changes linearly, so that it can be determined whether the sensor has a problem.

2. Second, the amplifier unit of the tensile testing machine is checked after the displacement sensor has been ruled out After the problem since the system of tensile testing machine is closed loop system, need to check whether the booster unit is normal or not. The method isto separate the output signal of the amplifier unit. Remove the output wiring, add a DC input signal to the amplifying unit, and then measure the output of the amplifying unit of the pendulum impact tester. After repeating the test several times, the trend data of the amplifying unit output signal changes linearly can be obtained to let you know whether there is a problem with of the amplifier unit is present.

3. Finally, check whether the tensile testing machine system settings are normal. The stroke of the actuator in the work station should be ±50mm under normal conditions, such as when not using matches this number, there is a problem with the system setup and the system needs to be reset. If the reading on the workstation display panel is still wrong, it can be determined that only a recalibration of the displacement system can solve such a problem.