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Four points must be observed when operating high and low temperature boxes

High and low temperature box is mainly used for testing the simulated constant temperature and humidity environment for the product under test. Although the operation and use are very simple, the operation is wrong once, accidents can easily occur and even shorten the life of the device and reduce the performance of the test chamber. ki4Textile Testing Instruments, Testing Equipment Manufacturer

1. High and low temperature test chamberThe amount of tested items must not affect the circulation of the air volume of the test chamber, otherwise it may affect the performance of the machine; ki4Textile Testing Instruments, Testing Equipment Manufacturer
2.High and low temperature test chamberIt is absolutely forbidden to heat or test explosive, flammable and highly corrosive substances, so as not to cause unnecessary losses;ki4Textile Testing Instruments, Testing Equipment Manufacturer
3 use of the high and low temperature test chamber When carrying out the test, the door must be guided well and closed tightly to avoidthat temperature and moisture will leak and not reach the performance range; if there is no special need, the manufacturer recommends not to open the door. Because in the low temperature test, when the door is opened, it is easy to freeze the internal evaporator and other parts. When the temperature is lower, the phenomenon becomes more serious. If it is necessary for the experiment, it is best to open the time so far shorten as possible. ki4Textile Testing Instruments, Testing Equipment Manufacturer

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