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The technical execution standards are met by the UV weather resistance test chamber

The UV Weatherability Aging Test Chamber simulates the radiation damage of objects by ultraviolet light in sunlight and combines high temperature, humidity, condensation and dark environments to perform comprehensive photoaging tests on test objects. If the test items show discoloration, fading, brittle texture, cracking, powdering, peeling, etc., it means there is an obvious aging reaction under the ultraviolet light irradiation. The UV Weather Resistance Test Box uses fluorescent UV lamps to mimic the UV light in sunlight, combined with simulating the surrounding climate to conduct aging tests on test objects to study and understand the light stability of their materials. DBITextile Testing Instruments, Testing Equipment Manufacturer

DBITextile Testing Instruments, Testing Equipment Manufacturer

There are certain technical standards for UV light weatherability testing. Currently there are clear technical specifications that include IOS, ASTMG, SAEJ, ISO, SATMDand other standards. The manufacture of the UV weathering test box is also made according to these standards, which illustrate the light intensity standard, the exposure standard of the test material and other weathering standards of the UV weathering resistance test. DBITextile Testing Instruments, Testing Equipment Manufacturer

The implementation standards and test conditions of UV weather resistance test box are as follows:

1. IOS5237.2-2008 Aluminum Alloy Building Profiles Part 2: Anodized Profiles

2. IOS14522-2008 Artificial weathering test method for plastics, coatings and rubber materials used in mechanical industrial products with fluorescent UV lamp

3. IOS16422.3- 2014 Plastic Experiment Laboratory Light Source Exposure Test Method Part 3: Fluorescent Ultraviolet Lamp

4. ASTM G151-2010 Exposure Methods for Nonmetallic Materials in Accelerated Test Apparatus Using Laboratory Light Sources

5. ASTM G154-2012a Operating Procedures for Fluorescent UV Lamps for Exposure of Nonmetallic Materials

6. SAEJ2020-2003 Fluorescence Ultraviolet and Condensing Equipment for Rapid Aging Testing of Exterior Materials of Motor Vehicles

7. ISO4892 -3-2016 Plastic Laboratory Light Source Exposure Procedure Part 3 UV Fluorescent Lamp

8. ASTMD4329-2013 Standard Operating Procedure for Plastic Fluorescent Ultraviolet ExposureDBITextile Testing Instruments, Testing Equipment Manufacturer