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Know these maintenance secrets to keep the salt spray test chamber "youthful" forever

1. Precautions for Wuhan National Instruments Salt Spray Test Chamber Daily Use:
1. Please check the power connection before operating the device;
2. Check the gas supply system;
3. Confirmation of water sealing;
4. When configuring the saline solution, use analytical grade NaCl and distilled water or deionized water to configure and make it ready to use;
5. After each test, it should be power supply, air source , turn off the water source, avoid leaving the device in the charged standby state for a long time;kMKTextile Testing Instruments, Testing Equipment Manufacturer

2. Daily maintenance and maintenance of the salt spray test chamber:
1. After each test, it is recommended to clean the test cabinet (including: spray chamber , saline chamber, preheated water tank and sealed water tank) with clean water to keep the equipment clean.
2. At each test or at the end of the test, the LThe solution in the standard measuring cup should be poured out and cleaned in time to avoid the accumulation of saline crystals and affect the settlement calculation.
3. When cleaning the salt spray test chamber, pay attention to:
(1) The protection of the casing of the temperature sensor.
(2) Protection of glass filter and glass nozzle.
I think you already understood the above points. At the same time, Wuhan National Instruments technical engineer will introduce them in detail when installing the salt spray test chamber. You are welcome to browse this site for more content. kMKTextile Testing Instruments, Testing Equipment Manufacturer