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How to judge if the compressor of high and low temperature humid heat test box is broken

The main system of high and low temperature humidity and heat test chamber is the low temperature cooling system, and the most important and valuable configuration of the cooling system is the compressor. There are many compressor brands, such as French Taikang brand, German Bitzer brand, German Copeland brand, or other domestic brands, etc. Because there are so many brands, there are comparisons and attention. Personally, I feel that it doesn't matter whether it is an imported or domestic compressor, its performance stability is important to judge whether it is good or bad. Some imported ones do not have a long service life, and some domestic ones are used very stably and have a low failure rate, so there are no absolutes in anything, let alone a compressor. Today I'm going to teach you how to judge if the compressor is good or bad based on the following aspects. 2QITextile Testing Instruments, Testing Equipment Manufacturer

Firstens: Learn to tell the difference between brand new compressors and used compressors To save costs, many unscrupulous companies buy or recycle some used compressors for manufacturing and then sell them at high prices to customers with brand new high and low temperature humidity and heat test chambers. In this way, not only is the cost penalized, but also the refrigeration system and compressor used by the devices in the future have big hidden problems and life reduction problems. So how to recognize a brand new compressor? In general, the appearance of a new compressor is shinier, and the color is bright, the label is clear, and the welding port of the copper pipe is directly welded at one time, there is no old welding trace, if second-hand Generally the color of the compressor housing looks dull and there are marks on the welds of the copper pipesthat have been repeatedly polished or lapped and welded many times. 2QITextile Testing Instruments, Testing Equipment Manufacturer

Secondly, beware of manufacturers using domestic compressors to pretend to be imported brand name compressors. In order to make huge profits for the devices, some companies claim and tell their customers that they use imported branded compressors for refrigeration, including other accessories. Imported are used, etc., but in fact, customers are considered unprofessional in the production, and often impersonate domestic brands. Therefore, in addition to the first point, customers should also pay attention to the acceptance of the high and low temperature and humidity Also ask the technician to open the back cover of the device body to check the brand of the compressor. Generally, the compressor body of a good brand has its model and brand stamp on it, and there will also be a parameter list to find the serial number, modell and record the performance. Then go to the brand compressors website to review and compare them one by one. The so-called real gold isn't afraid of fire, and fake ones will always have loopholes to catch. It's just to see if you're paying attention. And when you seek us experts, you'll know right away if it's true or false without asking. 2QITextile Testing Instruments, Testing Equipment Manufacturer

Third: The quality can also be judged on the basis of the overall work performance and performance stability. The noise of a normal compressor when starting is very small, less than or equal to 60 decibels. When the noise of the compressor is greater than 80 decibels, it is louder than the compressor noise of other appliances, if not second -hand or household, it must be a possible error. Also, sometimes, when the high-low temperature humidity test chamber is running, the low-temperature cooling is very slow, and when you touch the body of the compressor with your Hchange, it is so very hot. There can also be problems. If you find the above problems, remember to cut off the compressor in time and notify the professional manufacturer to come to check and repair. Don't wait for it to fail completely before you can just replace the compressor. 2QITextile Testing Instruments, Testing Equipment Manufacturer