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Maintenance knowledge of UV aging test chamber

The Ultraviolet Aging Test Chamber uses fluorescent UV lamps as light sources to test materials by simulating UV radiation and condensation in natural sunlight, so the maintenance of UV aging testing machines is also very important. Wuhan National Quantity Instrument and you to understand some of its maintenance knowledge! As follows:Iq9Textile Testing Instruments, Testing Equipment Manufacturer

In order to make the UV Aging Test Box work better and keep it in good condition for a long time, please maintain it according to the following points:
1. When the UV aging test If the box is not functional, it should be kept dry and disconnected from the power supply.
2. After the test, drain the water in the test machine and dry the working space and box.
3. After use, remember to cover the plastic cover to prevent dust from entering. If dust is presentshould be removed in time.
4. Do not expose the sensor to impacts in the working area.
5. The UV aging test chamber is best placed in a well-ventilated place (it is recommended to install a fan to keep the room ventilated), and it should not be installed in a place with a lot of dust.
6. If the UV aging test box breaks down and cannot be eliminated by yourself, please contact the relevant staff and do not disassemble privately.
7. If the test box is not used for a long time, the water source, power supply and various components must be carefully checked when used again, and the UV aging test box must be started after confirming that is correct.
8. Operators should wear safety goggles and protective covers. Since ultraviolet radiation is very harmful to personnel (especially the eyes), operators should limit their exposure toMinimize exposure to ultraviolet rays (exposure time should be 1 minute).
9. Prevent chemicals from coming into contact with this UV aging test chamber (keep away from flammable and explosive substances).
10. The waste water drainage system of the UV aging test chamber must be installed.
11. After each test, the sample should be taken out, and the inner container of the UV aging test box should be cleaned.
13. After use, remember to cover the plastic cover. If there is dust, it should be removed in time to keep the appearance of the box clean and prevent dust from entering the box. Iq9Textile Testing Instruments, Testing Equipment Manufacturer