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Use and product configuration of the three-box constant temperature and humidity test box

Three box constant Temperature and use of humidity test box and product configuration
Three field constant temperature and humidity test chamber Usage: It can accurately simulate complex natural environments such as low temperature, high temperature, high temperature and high humidity, low temperature and low humidity, etc. for electronics, electrical appliances , batteries, plastics, food, paper products, vehicles, metals, chemicals, building materials,
Institutes, inspection and quarantine offices, universities and other industry units for quality control testing.

Introduction to using the three-box constant temperature and humidity test chamber:
1. Three boxes in one design, easy to operate and does not take up space.Each test area can individually test high temperature, low temperature or three different constant temperature and humidityIt is the necessary test equipment in aviation, automobile, home appliances, scientific research and other areas.
2. All systems are independent and use three sets of cooling systems, three sets of heating and humidifying systems, and three sets of Control systems used to test and determine the temperature, humidity or constant testing of electrical, electronic and other products materials parameters and performance according to changes in temperature environment, the control is stable, the precision is high, and the life of parts can be extended.

Constant temperature and humidity test chamber product configuration with three fields:
1. Perfect shape design: stainless steel, high quality finishsee and flat non-reactive grip, easy to use, safe and reliable;
2. Bright and large observation window with a wide field of view: it uses three-layer vacuum coating windows and energy-saving Philips fluorescent lamps, no need for demisting wipers, it maintains a clear observation effect, and can observe the condition of the test product at any time;
3. Test chamber humidification system with three constant temperature and humidity boxes, piping and power supply, controller. The device and the circuit board are separated, which avoids the influence of the circuit due to leakage of the pipeline and improves safetyrden.
4 .Original imported European and American fully enclosed compressor (French Taikang), imported environmentally friendly refrigerant, stable performance;
5. The heating system adopts high-efficiency finned heat pipe nickel-chrome alloy U-shape, which is durable;
6 External humidification and heating The device is heated to form wet steam for humidification and the humidity is detected by the probe ;
7. Made of stainless steel, embossed shape, beautiful and generous, stable humidification;
8 faster than traditional surface wetting (water tub type) Fast;
9. High control precision;
10. There is no scaling the box and other impurities;
11. Good performance and easy to clean;
12. Double protection of the humidification and heating pipes to prevent the heating pipes from drying out and burning out;
13. Strictly work in accordance with ISO9001 Quality Management System ;
14. Supported communication interface: RS232/RS485/USB (optional)
15.9.7 inch True Color Touch Thin Screen (Chinese/English can be freely converted)
16. The type with three fieldsern uses unified wiring, and the two ends of the wires are connected differently digital codes, convenient for inspection and maintenance