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The difference between digital display and ordinary pendulum friction tester

Introduction to the common pendulum friction coefficient tester NCXTextile Testing Instruments, Testing Equipment Manufacturer

Operating Instructions for Pendulum Friction Tester
BM -3 Pendulum Friction Coefficient Meter is a new generation instrument manufactured by Shanghai Leiyun Test Instrument Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. was developed to measure the coefficient of friction of road surfaces, runways and marking paints. It can also be used as one of the bases for determining various tire formulas by measuring the coefficient of friction of typical road surfaces. The instrument is easy to debug, easy to operate, has little impact on traffic during measurement, the data is relatively stable, and can be used indoors and outdoors.
2. The principle of the pendulum friction tester is a dynamic pendulum impact tester based on the fact that the potential energy loss of the pendulum is equal to the work done by overcoming the friction of the road surface when the rubber plate mounted at the end of the swing arm slides over the road From developed according to a basic principle.
3. Main specifications of the pendulum friction coefficient meter
a) The moment of inertia is 615,000 g, mm
b) The mass of the pendulum is 1500 ± 30 g
c) The center of gravity of the Pendulum distance 410±5mm
d) The positive static pressure of the rubber sheet on the road surface is 2263g
e) The distance from the center of swing to the outer edge of the rubber sheet is 508mm
f) The weight of the instrument is ≈14 kgNCXTextile Testing Instruments, Testing Equipment Manufacturer