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2023-03-23 0 Views

Importance of domestic salt spray test chamber maintenance in 2017

According to the market understanding of the environmental testing industry, there are many users who buy household salt spray test chambers. Some users report that the equipment occasionally fails after a certain period of use, but the operation method is correct, you may not pay attention to it. Device maintenance can be said to be a big task, so here is what we need to do:A6JTextile Testing Instruments, Testing Equipment Manufacturer

1. If the salt spray test chamber does not need to be tested for a long time, the water in the saturator should be released easily, the saturator water reservoir should also be replaced during normal use;
2. After each test, the switch of the oil Water filter to be turned on to release the oily water;
3. If the time is not used, restart the machine and run a test to carry out a comprehensive inspection of all electrical systems;
4. At the end of the test, around the interiore to keep the box in a dry environment, it must be cleaned;
5. If the nozzle is found to be clogged during use, you can remove the nozzle and clean it with alcohol, xylene or 1:1 Clean hydrochloric acid, or use ultra-fine steel wire for dredging, but it is not impossible to damage the surface finish of the nozzle hole inner cavity, so as not to directly affect the spray quality. It is hoped that the maintenance method of the above salt spray test chamber can be applied by everyone in practice, and the importance of equipment maintenance is to improve the performance, work efficiency and life of the equipment.
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