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This is how you see the test speed and measurement accuracy of the tractor

Tensile machine is also known as tensile testing machine. Tensile machine is a mechanical force testing machine used to test the mechanical properties of materials such as elongation, compression, bending, shear and detachment. It is suitable for spring, plastic plate, Various physical and mechanical Performance testing of pipes, profile materials, plastic films and rubber, wires and cables, waterproof membranes, metal wires and other materials used in various industries: scientific research institutes, commodity inspection and arbitration institutions, colleges and universities, and rubber, tire, plastic, Wire and cable, footwear, leather, textile, packaging, building materials, petrochemical, aerospace and other industries. It is an indispensable testing instrument for material development, physical property testing and teaching research, quality control, incoming material inspection, random sampling inspection of production lines, etc. As an important part of the instrument, the device of the traction machine requires different devices for different materials, which is also an important factor in the smooth running of the test and the accuracy of the test results. MhLTextile Testing Instruments, Testing Equipment Manufacturer

Test Speed:
Some of the devices on the market are 10~500mm/min and others are 0.001~500mm/min. The former generally uses a common speed control system, which is inexpensive and its roughness affects accuracy; used the lattera servo system, expensive, high precision, for flexible packaging companies, it is enough to choose a servo system with a speed range of 1-500mm / min, which does not affect accuracy, and the price is within a reasonable range. Vortex Flow Meter

Measurement accuracy :
Precision Problem, Including Force Measurement Accuracy, Velocity Accuracy, Deformation Accuracy, and Vetranslation accuracy. These accuracy values ​​can reach at most plus or minus 0.5. But for general manufacturers, an accuracy of 1% is sufficient. Also, the force value resolution can almost reach 100,000 tension machine

MhLTextile Testing Instruments, Testing Equipment Manufacturer