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Application specification and performance characteristics of the impact testing machine

Influence of microcomputer control The testing machine is a testing device suitable for testing the impact strength of non-metallic materials such as plastics, nylon, rubber, glass fiber reinforced plastics, composite plastic pipes and electrical insulation materials under dynamic loading. The computer displays the characteristic curve of the tested material during the beating process, which can meet the requirements of ISO179, GB1043, ISO180, GB1843 and JB8761, JB8762 standards.

Microcomputer-controlled impact testing machine The format of the test report is flexible and variable, and the test data can be edited and changed, and the test conditions andTest results can be saved automatically. The curve data in a group of experiments can be artificially selected. The curves of a test group can be superimposed in several colors and compared. Each segment on the test curve can be zoomed in for analysis.

Take a batch of Gr15 molds for molding brake rings from a powder metallurgy plant, and after the normal quenching heat treatment, immediately carry out low temperature treatment, and after the low temperature treatment, anneal the molds at 150 °C at low temperature. The cryogenic treatment process is -100℃, -120℃, -140℃, -160℃ and -196℃, respectively, and the holding time of the cryogenic treatment is 2 hours. The sample is cut directly from the mold after cryogenic treatment. The size of the metallografishing specimen is 12mm × 12mm × 10mm, the size of the bend test specimen is ~10mm × 140mm, and the size of the unnotched impact specimen is 10mm × 10mm × 55mm. The specimen for the measurement of retained austenite and hardness is the same as that the metallographic sample.

Performance testing and observation of wear morphology The impact strength of specimens was measured by different methods on the impact testing machine and the flexural rigidity by the Universal Material Testing Machine. The amount of retained austenite is measured by the X-ray diffractometer, and the hardness of each specimen is measured by a hardness tester. The cryogenically treated plastic molds are installed and manufactured, and the molds without cryogenic treatmentare compared with those tested by various testing machines.It is the production and feManufacture industry of static and dynamic mechanical power testing instruments, test equipment, test equipment and non-destructive testing instruments and equipment.
The testing machine industry has a long history than 50 years, and its origin is in China's Shandong Province Jinan City. With the increasing demand according to testing machine products in all walks of life, with the continuous improvement of manufacturing levels in China and the rapid development of testing technology, enterprises and enterprises producing testing machines have spread throughout the country, producing hundreds of kinds of specifications, models and series of testing machine products. Some testing machine products have been exported abroad, exported to Asia, Europe and the United States, and have a certain competitive fability.