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A small expert for troubleshooting in the cold and heat shock test chamber

Operating the Heat and Cold Shock Test Chamber is tantamount to manipulating its future fate, and fate is in the hands of the operator. There are a number of codes of practice and relevant laws and regulations for mechanical test equipment. Eliminate all factors affecting the test to improve the efficiency of the test box. 5NMTextile Testing Instruments, Testing Equipment Manufacturer

During sample testing, attention must be paid to whether the temperature uniformity is fully consistent with the test sample test requirements to ensure that all procedures are normal. In the test, the temperature uniformity in the box directly affects the accuracy of the test results. If the temperature is uneven due to the heat transfer coefficient of the six sides of the box wall or the local heat conduction of the wiring hole, or the heat transfer is uneven due to radiative convection, the main cause and theSource to be checked Damage should be removed to create a safe and normal environment for test stability. Remind all manufacturers that the internal design of the thermal shock test chamber and the setting values ​​of each chamber must be carefully managed and accurately measured to ensure efficient work by subsequent users. 5NMTextile Testing Instruments, Testing Equipment Manufacturer

Both the manufacturer and the operator should consider the above contents together and clarify the difference between temperature uniformity and variation parameters of the test chamber. Only by eliminating all error factors can the accuracy of the test results be guaranteed. . 5NMTextile Testing Instruments, Testing Equipment Manufacturer