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Operating condition of the cooling system of the xenon lamp aging test chamber

1. Refrigeration System CompressorIqRTextile Testing Instruments, Testing Equipment Manufacturer

The refrigeration system compressor hums and vibrates slightly when it is working normally. The exhaust pipe is hot and the return pipe is cold. When cooling, there is usually condensation and boiling water. There may be a slight frost when heating. There is an overload protection in the compressor. When the compressor is under high temperature and overcurrent, let the protection cut off, break the internal circuit of the compressor, and when the temperature is normal, the protection will automatically close. IqRTextile Testing Instruments, Testing Equipment Manufacturer

2. Refrigeration system indoor and outdoor heat exchanger

When the cooling system cools, the inlet of the heat exchanger outside the test It becomes very hot, the temperature at the outlet drops, the indoor heat exchanger freezes your hands, condensation forms on the surface of the Ear fins, and when heating, the outdoor heat exchanger becomes very hot cold, and there may be frost and the indoor heat exchanger feels hot.IqRTextile Testing Instruments, Testing Equipment Manufacturer