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The international hardness tester has the function of testing the elastic body recovery ratio

The international hardness tester has the function of testing body elastic recovery ratio
International Hardness Tester The new modular design allows quick disassembly and assembly of the whole machine, saving more time and effort when the product needs to be repaired or calibrated. The test device group can be replaced according to the required measurement method, etc., and the user can easily loosen the screw by hand to remove the test device group.
The innovative technology of the international hardness tester can automatically recognize the type of test equipment group, and then adjust the measurement range. The hardness testers of other brands are auf limited to measuring flat objects. The needle probing technology can detect the position of the sample in microseconds, the pen calculates according to the distance, whether it is a flat object or an irregular object, it can reach the required measurement position. International Hardness Tester The second generation automatic optical positioning device eliminates the need for complicated manual positioning of samples. Any irregularly shaped sample can be positioned and measured automatically. It features the industry's first Elastomer Recovery Ratio test . function to give you a better understanding of how your safety-critical elastomeric material recovers from stress.

International Hardness Tester is a vollautomatic hardness tester for soft elastic bodies. The module design is easy to disassemble and install. One machine can be used for multiple purposes. The testing method can be arbitrarily changed according to needs, and the product can be freely customized according to budget .It is not limited to only measure flat samples, exclusive technology to measure irregular shaped objects. The appearance of the international hardness tester is new design, novel shape, comfortable to hold, exquisite workmanship, 2.8-inch large-screen LCD display, 320 × 240 color dot matrix, beautiful fonts and graphics, rich and clear information, built-in lithium -Battery power supply, no memory effect, easy charging, long service life.
The international oneHardness tester can store tens of thousands of sets of measurement data, including a single reading, average value, measurement date, impact direction, times, material, hardness and other information, built-in thermal micro printer, print measurement results at any time, Bluetooth wireless communication, can be connected to the computer wirelessly, free you away from the troublesome connection operation in the past. International hardness tester The main display interface has date, time storage information, battery information, electronic column, out-of-tolerance prompt, impact device type and operation prompt light information, which is convenient and practical, and can be switched between Chinese and English, which is convenient and foreign businessmen . On-site communication with forged steel material, when the forged steel sample with a D /DC impact device, the HB value can be read directly, which is the manual table.

International hardness tester has display value software calibration function, with digital impact device, can be equipped with all 7 types of probes, automatic detection of probe types, no need to recalibrate when replacing, can preset the upper and lower limit of hardness value, and automatically alarm when out of range, which is convenient for users to test batches.