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6 details to consider when operating the tensile testing machine

As a kind of testing equipment, the tensile testing machine has excellent performance and excellent quality. Meanwhile, many traders in the industry use such devices, so the details of the overall operation have become the content that everyone pays more attention to. Let's listen to the basic introduction given by professionals. TkDTextile Testing Instruments, Testing Equipment Manufacturer

Points to consider when operating the tensile testing machine
First, each model of tensile testing machine comes with its own product manual. It is recommended that you read the manual carefully before installation and use. Personnel must ensure that they understand the basic characteristics, detailed parameters and operation procedures of the device before using it.
Secondly, the operating environment of the tensile testing machine is also very important, especially the humidity and temperature problems. If it can't meet the standard, it is recommended to put some adjustment devices install to ensure that the environmental conditions can match the equipment.
Third, the most important thing about the tensile testing machine is the oil injection problem, it sounds simple but it must be related to the temperature during operation. Before injecting oil, we should first master the temperature of the working environment, and according to the temperature range, select different types of oil to inject, so that the follow-up operation can be done better.
Fourth, the power supply problem is also a relatively critical problem. The power indicators of the individual devices are different. It is recommended that you learn more about the performance standards of its operating environment to ensure that its current and voltage issues can be resolved, compared to the rated standards of the equipment that have matching requirements. If not, you canYou consider installing some control devices to ensure that the power supply problem can be solved effectively and the device has stable and sufficient power supply when working.
Fifth, depending on the use of this type of equipment, regular inspection and maintenance is required to ensure that each tensile testing machine accessory is not worn or damaged. Once such problems are detected, they must be repaired otherwise it may directly affect the test results.
Sixth, in addition to cleaning the equipment, it is also necessary to clean the environment after each operation, which can create favorable conditions for the next operation. TkDTextile Testing Instruments, Testing Equipment Manufacturer