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2023-03-17 0 Views

Troubleshooting non-spraying in the salt spray corrosion test chamber

Salt spray corrosion The test chamber is a relatively mature equipment in the environmental test equipment, mainly because the smoke corrosion test chamber performance is stable and the failure rate is very low. What is said here is that the failure rate is very low, which does not mean that there will be no failures. After using the salt spray corrosion test chamber for a long time, the most common failure is no spraying. Let's talk about some methods to get the Non-spray test chamber:
1. Check if the air source is normal.
2. excheck the pressure gauge, inlet pressure is 0.2~0.4Mpa/spray pressure is 0.07~0.17Mpa. Pay attention to whether the pressure gauge is set to the specified range, if it is not within the specified range, the pressure must be adjusted to the specified range.
3. Check whether the spray switch is in I state, if not, please turn on the spray switch.
4. Check to see if the salt water line and the jet air line are reversed. If they are connected reversed, simply adjust them back.
5. Check the spire Is the installation too low? If the spire is found to be installed too low, it must be installed to a suitable one position
6. Check if there is no salt water in the salt water tank, if so just add salt water.
7. Check whether the nozzle is clogged or broken. If it is clogged , clean the nozzle and reinstall it. If it is broken, you need to replace the nozzle and check whether the connection hose is broken.
8. Check for salt water leaks in the brine suction line. If brine leaks, please replace the brine line.
9. Check if the intake pipe is clogged or falling off .
10. Check whether the solenoid valve is damaged. Detection method: Use a multimeter to measure whether the coil of the solenoid valve has a resistance value, whether the resistance value is about 970 ohms, and replace it if it is damaged.