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FRP tensile testing machine tests function and function

GRP pull test Machine test function and function
FRP tensile testing machine test functions: tensile test, compression test, three-point bending strength, shear seat belt tensile testing machine can be used for rubber, plastic, film, textile, fiber, polymer materials, composite materials, seat belts, ribbons, alloy materials and other non-metallic materials and metal materials are tested for tension, compression, flex, tear, 90° peel, pull-out force, elongation, etc.

This machine adopts mechatronics. The design is mainly composed of a load cell, aa transmitter, a microprocessor, a load drive mechanism, a computer and a color ink jet printer. The high-precision electronic speed control motor can set five file test speeds. All integrated components are pluggable. The floor-standing models, as well as the modeling and painting, have fully taken into account the relevant principles of modern industrial design and ergonomics.

Functions and functions of GRP tensile testing machine:
The computer monitor displays the test process and curves throughout the process, and the computer automatically transfers test settings and test data. Users can press theirIt is required to testbernot to change and output the default report. Through the overlay analysis of the group test curves, the quality control parameters can be accurately recorded. The multi-mode data query function enables managers to clearly grasp the development and change trend of quality control. The specially designed software function enables the experimenter to quantitatively grasp the condition parameters of the key points in the application process of the test material, and to carry out the process adjustment and production control accurately.
Introduction to the software functions of the tensile testing machine
A. load-displacement curve; load-time curve; displacement-time curve; stress-strain curve.
B. Edit the relevant test standards according to the requirements of each country for the test piece, fill in the test product data, edit the test method and it can be selected for future tests.
C. Test results are automatically saved and can be edited as a report printout. Multiple tested curves can be compared using the formula editing function.
D. Can set the number of decimal places, each physical unit of measure and password protection, etc.