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Precautions for using high and low temperature test chambers

High and low Temperature test chamber is a commonly used type of test chamber product, used to test and determine the parameters and performance of electrical, electronic and other products and materials after environmental changes at high temperature, low temperature or constant temperature. What issues should users be aware of when using the high and low temperature test chamber?

1. Please do not try to open the test chamber door when the instrument is working. Opening at high temperature can cause burnslead to operator dismissals, and low-temperature opening may lead to premature dismissal of personnel, frostbite, and evaporator freezing, thereby affecting the cooling effect. If you need to open it, please do some protective measures.
2. During the operation of the high and low temperature test chamber, the current input terminal cover must be installed on the terminal block to avoid electric shock.
3. In order to avoid machine failure in the high and low temperature alternating test chamber, please provide a power supply within the rated voltage range.
4. The case ventilation holes must be kept clear to avoid bugs, abnormal movement, shortened lifespan and fire.
5. It is forbidden to disassemble the high and low temperature cycling test chamber without permission, too process, modify or repair, otherwise there is a risk of abnormal movement, electric shock or fire.
6. Wiring must be correct and grounded Grounding fault can cause electric shock and accidents with wrong action .The display is abnormal or the measurement has a large error.
7. Pay attention to this when installing and setting up the machine that no dust, thread ends, iron filings, etc. enter things, otherwise incorrect actions or errors will occur.
8. If the machine is damaged or deformed when unpacked, please do not use.
9. To avoid electric shock or malfunction and failure, please do not turn on the power until the installation and wiring are completed.
10, high and low temperature During the operation of the test box, before changing the settings, signal output, starting, stopping and other operations, safety should be fully considered. Wrong operations damage or fail the work equipment.
11. Please use a dry cloth to wipe the high and low temperature test chamber, do not use alcohol, gasoline or other organic solvents, do not splash water on the high and low temperature test chamber when the high and low temperature -Test chamber is immersed in water, please stop using it immediately, otherwise it will cause leakage, electric shock or fire hazard.
12. Regularly check the terminal screws and fixing frames, please do not use them if they are loose.