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Working steps of the wire bending and torsion testing machine

The Wire Bending and Torsion Testing Machine is mainly suitable for testing the mechanical properties of wires, such as bending torsion, bending damage, bending stress, the number of twists of torsion and torque.nKcTextile Testing Instruments, Testing Equipment Manufacturer

Qingji's editor guides you to understand the working steps of the Wire Bending and Torsion Testing Machine:
1. Create a new audit trail
2. Enter the parameters of the wire bending torsion testing machine sample. When setting the parameters, it is divided into two parts, the sample parameters and the preset parameters and results. Knowledge of the sample parameters is specific to the coil spring. If it is set when the sample is a disc spring or a leaf spring, these parameters cannot be filled in and the unfilled parameters will not be printed in the report form. 3. After the parameter setting is complete, place the sample in the center of the fixture. 4. Set the test parameters and the test speed should not be too fast, otherwise the test results will be inaccurate.
5. The test starts when it is finished. Click the Test button to start the test and it will end automatically after the test is completed. You can also click the Test Introduction button to stop the test during the testing process. 6. View the test results and print out the result report and the data information will be displayed in the form of a Word table. nKcTextile Testing Instruments, Testing Equipment Manufacturer