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How should manufacturers choose a good tensile testing machine?

Tensile testing machines are testing instruments. At present, many companies and units use tensile testing machines to test product quality, but it is not an easy task to select a suitable tensile testing machine. National Instruments introduces us to five important points when purchasing tensile testing machines . Fe8Textile Testing Instruments, Testing Equipment Manufacturer

1. Confirm what tests the company's products need to go through
Tensile testing machine is also called universal material testing machine, which can measure elongation, tensile, tensile and compressive strength can be tested, and also tear, Bend, peel, compression and flex tests can be performed. Different types of tensile testing machines are different, and the corresponding fixtures are also different, so the price is also different.

Second, consider the tensile section of the tensile testing machine (tensile testing machine section)
Generale flexible packaging manufacturers or non-metallic products manufacturers, choose the tensile force The range of 200N ~ 1000N can basically meet the needs. It is recommended to choose a single-arm tensile testing machine, the price is much cheaper, and it is small and light to transport; and the larger one is gantry type or double column type tensile testing machine, generally with measuring range over 10kN, is suitable for some steel maker or metal product maker. Depending on the product, there are of course also tensile testing machines with a larger range to choose from (hydraulic tensile testing machine or horizontal tensile testing machine).

Third, the effective stroke
This must be determined according to the specifications of your own products, as is generally the stroke of the tensile testing machines on the market 600mm- 800mm-1100mm Below, if the specifications of the test products are relatively commonmaterials are, then most manufacturers can meet them.

Fourth, test speed
The domestic standard speed is 200mm/min, the market speed is between 10-500mm and between 0.1-500mm/min. The former generally uses ordinary stepless speed change motors, low precision and relatively cheap price, the latter uses servo motors and computer servo systems with relatively high precision and high resolution. Manufacturers can make reasonable choices according to the needs of the business.

5. Accuracy Fe8Textile Testing Instruments, Testing Equipment Manufacturer

This includes speed accuracy, force measurement accuracy, displacement accuracy and deformation accuracy, and can reach ±0.5. With ordinary manufacturers, the amplitude accuracy of 1% is sufficient for use. In addition, the resolution of the force value can generally be one hundred-thousandth ereach. Fe8Textile Testing Instruments, Testing Equipment Manufacturer

Fe8Textile Testing Instruments, Testing Equipment Manufacturer

Fe8Textile Testing Instruments, Testing Equipment Manufacturer

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Fe8Textile Testing Instruments, Testing Equipment Manufacturer