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Electronic Tensile Testing Machine Program Installation steps and attention to detail

I believe many people understand the electronic tensile testing machine It is a measuring instrument that needs to be connected to the computer control software in order to work. However, many customers fail to connect to the computer program after purchasing the tensile testing machine, or the connection fails, leading customers to question the quality of the equipment. Therefore, installing the program is a critical point.

The installation steps of the tensile testing machine program are as follows:
The first step: Make sure the installed on the computer software is a Win7 or Win8 system, after turning on the computer, copy the program to be installed from the USB flash drive to the computer desktop.
Step 2:To prevent the software from being attacked by viruses, it is best to compress the software in a U disk so that the software is not affected by the outside world. Therefore, when installing the software, we must first decompress the compressed program package.
Step 3: Double click to open the .exe file after decompression. A dialog box opens with detailed instructions on how to choose. It should be noted here that before installing the software, it is best to uninstall all antivirus software on the computer, e.g. B. 360 Antivirus, Duba etc., otherwise a dialog window always asks for installation Error during the installation process that affects the normal operation of the software.
Step 4: During the installation, all we have to do is click Next. However, the last step is important and connects the software to the tensile testing machine.
The installation is actuallyvery simple, but you need to pay attention to many details during installation. Let's see what details we need to pay attention to?
1. Before installation, plug the connection line of the tensile testing machine into the computer host to make sure the line is connected;
2. Open the software, go to the setting interface and choose online.
If the connection is unsuccessful, you need to check the following items:
(1) Whether the connection port between the tester and the computer is selected correctly.
(2) Whether the data line is damaged or bad contact, if damaged, a new data line should be replaced.
yEATextile Testing Instruments, Testing Equipment Manufacturer

If the above two situations do not apply, there may be a problem with the computer's motherboard. yEATextile Testing Instruments, Testing Equipment Manufacturer

yEATextile Testing Instruments, Testing Equipment Manufacturer

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yEATextile Testing Instruments, Testing Equipment Manufacturer

yEATextile Testing Instruments, Testing Equipment Manufacturer