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How to use a spectrometer to accurately measure the spectral characteristics of LEDs

LED is a very competitive light source. Get more and more application and use. However, because the light-emitting mechanism of LEDs is different from that of traditional light-emitting devices, the existing light-emitting characterization and measurement methods cannot be adapted, thus putting forward higher requirements for measuring the light characteristics of LEDs and developing corresponding detection devices. Therefore, there is an urgent need for systematic research on the measurement and data analysis of the effectiveness of LED lighting equipment. Rx4Textile Testing Instruments, Testing Equipment Manufacturer

LED luminescence has a dependence on heat, and its temperature rise will lead to broad spectrum, red shift, and reduced luminous efficiency. Therefore, special equipment is required to measure parameters during LED operation to ensure measurement reliability and consistency sex. The best choice for measuring parameters in this way is to use a special monochromatic LED spectrometer to meet the measurement requirements of LED manufacturers or standards at a temperature of 25°C or higher, and from multiple LEDs The angle makes an accurately sampled measure of its spatial distribution. For this reason, it is necessary to select a spectrometer with a high measurement speed, so that it can be sent to the LED to measure the monochromatic lighting. When pulse-modulating LEDs, it is even more important because traditional mechanical scanning spectrometers cannot meet the high-speed measurement requirements. Therefore, to correctly test LED light color parameters, it is necessary to use a monochromatic LED spectrometer with high measurement speed to meet its measurement application requirements. Rx4Textile Testing Instruments, Testing Equipment Manufacturer

LMS-6000P Portable SpectrometerRx4Textile Testing Instruments, Testing Equipment Manufacturer

Rx4Textile Testing Instruments, Testing Equipment Manufacturer

The accuracy of LED measurement puts higher requirements on the spectrometer, due to the difference between white LED and incandescent lamp There are large differences in spectral power distribution, and the spectral differences of color LEDs are even more significant, which forces spectrometers to have higher spectral resolution, low stray light and high linearity performance. At the same time, the control of light and color quality of LED light sources puts forward higher requirements. R9 indicators have been added to a large number of standards, and many international groups are also studying to systematically improve the color rendering evaluation indicators. On this basis, IES TM-24-13 adopts the concept and requirements of the equivalent illuminance (EVE) based on the ratio (S/P). This forces a higher multi-weight value test requirement for the spectrometer for these new requirements for photochromic quality control. Rx4Textile Testing Instruments, Testing Equipment Manufacturer

The application of LED testing equipment is based on the spectrometer technology, which is suitable for laboratory measurement, production line measurement and occasional measurement. The core requirements of the spectrometer are accuracy, compatibility and speed. The laboratory bandwidth generally needs to be controlled to 0.0-5nm, as low as 10-3 or even lower; the spectral linearity accuracy is about 1%, and various color scales can be obtained through measurement , S/P value and other key values. The industrial-grade spectrum should be combined with the integrating sphere and the control terminal, which can be operated quickly and accurately. In addition, the hand-held spectrometer radiometer with LCD display unit is more convenient to measure light in the occasion. Rx4Textile Testing Instruments, Testing Equipment Manufacturer

Nowadays, spectrometer is moving towards more powerful and more efficient development, mainly to achieve two goals: one is to move towards small and light weight, low electromagnetic interference, and easy to use The direction of development, to meet its application requirements in the fields of quality control, soil analysis, environmental monitoring, remote sensing geology, inspection and testing; the second is to focus on DIY spectrometers and sample automatic analysis devices to speed up research progress and utilization effects. At present, the entire spectrometer industry is also stepping up its development, striving to provide people with more practical, reliable and scientific technical applications. Rx4Textile Testing Instruments, Testing Equipment Manufacturer

With the rapid development of modern economy, mechanical scanning spectrometer has emerged, and its remarkable characteristics and development direction have been widely concerned. For this reason, its advantages are extremely fast scanning, accurate measurement, and suppression of stray light. At present, the development trend of mechanical scanning spectrometers is to focus on performance parameters, accurate measurement accuracy and operating speed, and focus on improving the accuracy of double monochromators and suppressing stray light for precise analysis applications performance. Rx4Textile Testing Instruments, Testing Equipment Manufacturer

Rx4Textile Testing Instruments, Testing Equipment Manufacturer

As LED lighting technology continues to climb, the spectrometer is the cornerstone of its correct measurement. Fast spectrometers can be widely used in quality inspection, research and development testing laboratories. Facing the future, the fast spectrometer will also develop towards high precision and portability, and will become a high-tech standard for LED lighting research in the future. Shenzhou Light Control Instrument's development type fast spectrometer combines unique stray light control technology, wide dynamic linear technology, precision thermal image array detector electronic drive technology and other technologies to achieve ultra-low stray light level and 0.3% full dynamic luminosity. Linear stability, excellent LED test equipment. Rx4Textile Testing Instruments, Testing Equipment Manufacturer