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How much is the 50 ton tensile testing machine? Do you choose horizontal or dual column?

How much does the 500KN / 50 ton tensile testing machine cost?
The 500KN / 50 ton tensile testing machine has a long range in the tensile testing machine, and is seldom used by ordinary people uses companies, mainly companies producing relatively large metal products will use it, so the price is generally relatively high, probably at 150,000 or even 200,000 or more! The retail price of most tensile testing machine manufacturers is around $200,000.-- If the company needs to customize the desired features or has its own business needs, that's another matter.

Should I choose horizontal or two columns?
Common tensile testing machines are basically double-column type, but if the measuring range is to reach 50tons/500KN, then double-column type may not be able to meet the requirement, because according to the tensile testing standard, in generala two-column. The range of the type is 30 tons / 300KN. So if you need a larger range, you must choose a horizontal tensile testing machine. Compared with the tensile testing machine, the horizontal tensile testing machine has a er structure, and in terms of potential safety hazards, the horizontal tensile testing machine is also safer.

The price is cheap. In addition to domestic use, it is also important to consider the choice of region and manufacturer. The horizontal tensile testing machine is a large object, the cost of which increases. The freight is not low the further the region away from the company, the higher the cost. The second is the choice of the manufacturer: at the moment, due to the chaotic market, there are no cases of substandard products! To know if the manufacturer is good, you can first understand the rating of the manufacturer by online customers and whether there are any customer cases of the manufacturer near the Fcompany location, if yes, you can also go to the field to test. The reason for choosing a good manufacturer is also to choose good service in the future, so that the company does not waste time and energy on after-sales in the future.
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